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Thanks to social smokers, your will always have witnesses to how you arrived to your party in Luxury and probably have the rest of night people talking to you about how great of an idea it was. You will have your friends and family make up all the excuses to go back with you in the limo.


Its music to the ears when our drivers hear our customer’s first impression as they are boarding our 10 passenger Luxury Limousine. We hear all the WOWs and screaming as they get excited and eager. It usually means they got more than what they expected when they get inside.


Some people miss on the opportunity of bringing their own DVD to play in the Limo during the ride which makes the ride more fun and memorable.


Or sit back and connect your phone or media player to our AUX cable to help play a list of your favorite tunes without having to shuffle between radio Channels


Our 10 Passenger Luxury Limousines offer the best transportation for a group of 10 (almost Uber pricing with all the luxury inside out. Let alone the impression you will have on your friends and family when you arrive in the Limo (It is always a neck twister to arrive in a limo).

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